Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Absolutely DESTROYS Young Leftist Activist Monica Novoa

Soros's groups including Media Matters and launched a campaign last week against anyone who calls illegal immigration ‘illegal’ and attempting to categorize using the word illegal as a hate crime… their minions were all over the TV last Thursday and Friday, and some were not only obviously planted but unprepared and uncommitted:

Video: Bill O'Reilly Absolutely DESTROYS Young Leftist Activist Monica Novoa

Monica Novoa told OReilly she was a legal immigrant. But in 2000 she admitted her family crossed into California through a torn border fence, making Monica not only an  ignorant pawn but a liar and an illegal herself as well. 

See Latino Studies Become a Central Focus at CSUN:

Monica Novoa, 20, has been with CAUSA for three years and helped push for the new program. Her family left El Salvador in 1982, when federal troops were targeting teachers and other intellectuals for intimidation and slaughter.  Novoa said her father was a teacher and a leftist. When she was 3, coyotes--guides for undocumented immigrants--took the family through Guatemala, Mexico and a torn border fence into California.

Once he arrived in the United States, her father went to school to become an electrician. Her mother got into the real estate business. But like Barrios' parents, Novoa's family rarely discussed their experiences in El Salvador.

"Most of what I knew about El Salvador was from the popular music that I listened to," she said. "One of my favorite lines is from a Victor Jara song where he's saying: 'If the hands that work the soil are the people's, then why doesn't the harvest belong to those who work the land?' "

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