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CNN's Piers Morgan to be taken off air?

Immigration group targets cable-network anchor

WND:  In 2003, Rush Limbaugh lost his position as a NFL commentator because an observation about a black quarterback was construed as "racist."

In 2010, NPR's Juan Williams was fired for a comment about his concerns when boarding a plane with Muslim passengers.

In 2013, in the heated environment following the massacre of school children in Newtown, Conn., CNN's Piers Morgan hosted a panel in which the idea of shooting an outspoken opponent of gun control with an "assault rifle" was approvingly discussed.

Piers Morgan still has his job.  Why??

These folks plan to change that.

WASHINGTON – Officials with the conservative group Americans for Legal Immigration are challenging CNN to take Piers Morgan off the air after a controversial debate on gun control with’s Alex Jones.

Jones has been just one those Morgan has brought on the air over gun control in recent days.

Following the debate with Jones, which sparked a media firestorm, Morgan featured a panel on his program including Daily Beast sports columnist Buzz Bissinger, and commentator Abby Huntsman, daughter of presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, in which Buzz joked about how someone should “pop” Jones with an “assault rifle.”

To which Abby Huntsman laughingly responded, “I’d love to see that, in uniform!”

William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, called Morgan’s segment one of the worst he’s seen in his career.

“Monitoring the media is something I have done professionally for two decades now, and in that entire time I have never seen anything as outrageous as the Piers Morgan segment joking about killing one of their guests with an ‘assault rifle’,” Gheen told WND.

Morgan and Jones engaged in a heated debate over Americans’ rights to be armed, despite Morgan being British. The ever-controversial Jones discussed a New World Order and mentioned his fear of political assassination. Morgan’s decision to feature Jones as the face of the right wing gun control position outraged many conservatives including Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson who feared he would delegitimize their case.

The gun control debate has been put back on the forefront of American politics following the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting and Newtown, Conn., school tragedy.

Those representing Second Amendment advocacy including Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, and current NRA President David Keene, have received death threats – ironically involving guns – over social media.

ALIPAC also has launched a social media effort that has gained them 65,000 Facebook followers and has clogged up lines at CNN calling for Morgan to be taken off air.

“Please call CNN to demand that Piers Morgan be fired for advocating political murder with assault rifles on last night’s show. Free speech is one thing, but we cannot allow the liberal media to take things this far against those that oppose amnesty or support gun rights etc.. Call 404.827.1500 and wait for a human operator,” Gheen encouraged.

ALIPAC has posted a video clip online.  -  The clip in question for your review:

Piers Morgan and Guests Discuss Shooting Alex Jones  » Piers Morgan and Guests Discuss Shooting Alex Jones Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!  -  Please flood CNN with calls demanding that Piers Morgan be Fired for murder comments

The Washington Post reported that Morgan also interviewed gun-rights advocate John Lott and dismissed him by “scoffing at him.

Morgan then interviewed gun-rights advocate Larry Pratt and dismissed him by “insulting” him.

The report said Morgan was unable to control all of the interviews over guns. When Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large of was on the show, Morgan brought out Ronald Reagan.

He said, according to the Post, “One of the great right-wing presidents of modern times agreed with me.”

“Shapiro’s priceless retort: ‘So?’” the paper reported.

Morgan then said, “You genuinely believe your own government is going to turn on you in a way that you require an AR-15 to challenge them? You really believe that will happen in modern-day America? Is that what you think?”

Said Shapiro, “”They may not turn on me. They may not turn on my children. But the fact is this, history is replete with democracies going tyrannical. It has happened. It happened in France in the 19th century. It happened in Spain in the last century. It happened in Germany. It happened in Italy. It happened in Japan.”


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