Monday, September 16, 2013

CNN …As 13 Killed in Possible Terror Attack – Reporter Carol Costello… Confused???

Video:  CNN's Barbara Starr: 'We're Talking About a Conspiracy to Attack the U.S. Military'

Audio: Rush Limbaugh mocks on CNN’s Carol Costello for not knowing about Ft. Hood

So why doesn’t this woman remember the terrorist attack at Fort Hood… the terrorist attack at another base?  Does Nidal Hasan, self admitted and just convicted on all counts of Terrorism, ring a bell?  Why was it originally reported that the shooters were two white men?  And why would the President of the United States and his Press Secretary go ahead with the incredibly divisive and inaccurate statements on the budget at such a time?  Is that leadership?


Disgusted:   Nidal Hasan, lady… I mean really!! You don’t remember Nidal Hasan, who admitted to committing acts of terrorism at Ft. Hood and then was found guilty on all counts?  Did this woman really buy into the Obama Ft. Hood spin that it was just workplace violence to that point that she forgot Nidal Hasan’s own words and the outcome of his trial?  People, if you are getting your news from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN alone… and worse yet MSNBC, you are in the dark and being manipulated!!!  And now it comes out that this (the killed shooter) also spent time at Ft. Hood?

And what was with those divisive comments earlier today by Obama in the wake of this tragedy, trying run down the Republicans?  Divide and Conquer… the Alinsky way!

Navy Man:  This was definitely either a terror attack or a government created event to create diversion, chaos or to promote an agenda!!!!!!!!!!!  Manipulation of a far too uninformed populace!!


I am a former Navy wife… although years ago, but any base I ever went to was heavily guarded at the gates.  There is definitely more to this than meets the eye!!  And how convenient… again.  The bad news for the administration in the upcoming Congressional Benghazi Report is out through a draft given Fox News.  The whole Syria mess has exploded in Obama’s face and he looks completely incompetent!  Or is it going just as planned by the power elite, taking us to WWIII?  And Obama’s ridiculous self-serving pat on the back speech that was scheduled for today… the day of the shooting was already taken apart and seen by those who are informed as a pure fairytale with an attempt to demonize the other side… again, that he went ahead with, even in the wake of this tragedy.  Smoke and mirrors my friends!!

Nancy J: 

I worked in the Navy Yard at the NRL during the Reagan administration and they are heavily guarded by massively armed military with shoot-to-kill orders. How did the terrorists get in? (did they relax security making them vulnerable to penetration?) Or were the terrorists on the inside - authorized to be in there? If so, how in the world did they ever pass the extensive process of the background check with polygraph - and the re-checks done every 2 to 5 years - to even get authorization?!

Conspiracy? Definitely - based on the definition of the word, which the left wants everyone too dumbed down to even know what a conspiracy actually is or to even have the sense to look it up in the dictionary.


Thank you Bill Clinton for disarming all servicemen.  NOT!! Another U.S. base that suffered because your HORRIBLE policies!!


Conspiracy by the government to create an emergency probably. One in five now interviewed for high security in the government are radicals Jihadists and they are letting them in. Between them, the Progressive radicals and those who have had enough of all this crap, it will happen more and more.


It seems like whenever this stuff happens, you can tell by the inflection of the voices of the reporters… that something just isn’t right in what they are reporting.   Wonder what they are up to ….maybe a reason for higher levels of security across the country?  Tighten the noose…  Or just another diversion?  Another play for more gun control and confiscation?

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