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NewsWeek and Jon Stewart Decree the War on Christmas is Over…

By Marion Algier – The War on Christmas verses the Spirit of Christmas Series at AskMarion – 12

Leftist comedian Jon Stewart recently introduced his annual skewering of the “war on Christmas” with a montage of Fox News personalities breathlessly reporting the latest outrages against the holiday’s religious origins. “Let’s face facts, the annual Fox ‘war on Christmas’ has become a little predictable”, Stewart said, kicking off his own predictable seasonal faux war on Fox and especially Bill O’Reilly.

What Happened to the War on Christmas?

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The Daily Beast: For several years now, there have been signs the war on Christmas is running out of ammunition. Google Trends shows a peak in news articles mentioning the Christmas clashes in 2005, after which they slowed to a small annual blip. In 2007 the Springfield, Ill., State Journal-Register remarked that the paper had received hardly any letters about the war on Christmas. “If there still is a War on Christmas going on, its soldiers must have gone underground,” they wrote in a Christmas Eve editorial. Despite occasional flare-ups, like 2010’s “billboard war” between Catholics and atheist groups outside New York City, the battle over the December holidays gradually became the stuff of social-media memes, Onion parodies, and Daily Show takedowns.

Hmmm… or is it just that the mainstream media has stopped reporting on the War on Christmas?!?

How did this cultural flash point slide into oblivion, with Bill O’Reilly virtually the last person continuing to fight?, the Daily Beast asks.  Some Christmas soldiers say it’s because their side won. According to the American Family Association, 80 percent of the ­retailers the group profiled for its inaugural “naughty and nice” list in 2005 used religion-neutral terminology like “holidays” in their advertising and store signs. Now an overwhelming majority have ­reverted back to using the word “Christmas.” ­Randy Sharp, a spokesman for the AFA, says that “there has been a correction.” Retailers, he says, realized “people weren’t offended by being wished a ‘Merry Christmas,’ but those of us who celebrate the historical significance of the birth of Christ are offended when you downplay that.”

Bill Donohue, the president of the conservative Catholic League, which has skirmished with atheist groups over Christmas displays, said his organization has received far fewer reports of alleged discrimination against Christmas this year.

Though the war on Christmas may no longer be an annual ‘news’ event, its legacy remains in ongoing local battles over religious expression in schools and on government property. Anecdotally, some Americans say that anger over the perceived purging of Christmas from society was simply absorbed into the right’s more general resentment toward the forces of multicultural inclusion. “It’s become part of the background noise,” said Charlie Digiglio of Waxahachie, Texas, describing conversations he’s overheard among friends and co-workers. “For many people, it’s just an assumed reality that’s hardly worth mentioning anymore.”

Don’t tell these people the war on Christmas is over:  Atheists intimidate Santa Monica into eliminating Nativity… And So the War on Christmas and Freedom of Religion ContinuesChurches Thwart Nativity Ban By Putting Up Living Displays In Santa Monica Or how about the seniors who were told no Christmas Trees? Or the school that had to change their field trip to see a live version of A Charlie Brown Christmas because it was taking place at a church?

Jon Stewart addressed one of Bill O'Reilly's more impassioned "War on Christmas" moments during a Monday Monologue about guarding America from creeping secularism.

Video:  Bill O'Reilly Confronts Atheist Leader Over The War On Christmas

O'Reilly, who is the undisputed leader of "War on Christmas" coverage, had a slightly shouty (by which we mean it was surprising chairs weren't thrown) conversation with an atheist on his show last week. Besides calling his guest a "fascist," he also claimed that Christianity is a philosophy, not a religion.  Followed by an interview with Dennis Miller.

Video: The War On Christmas Discussed - Dennis Miller Time - Bill O'Reilly - 11-28-12

But we are here to say to the Daily Beast… “Not so fast!!”  The war on Christmas is alive and well and the war on religion… on Christians and Jews has accelerated in the United States and around the world!!  Let us all remember that just because the mainstream media isn’t reporting on something does not mean it isn’t so or isn’t happening.


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