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5th Graders Being Taught Oral & Anal Sex

Think I am kidding… demand to discuss your child’s “SEX EDUCATION” with you children’s teachers and for that matter… pay attention to all the insertion of the MUSLIM crap in the textbooks!

Next they’ll be taught, you can marry at 7, men can sodomized boys and girls genitalia can be mutilated…all covered and promoted by SHARIA coming to a COUNTRY (ours) near you soon!  …Victoria Baer~

Students react to fetus

Photo of the Week Sex Ed Hits the Road (April 2011) - Look at these CA 5th Grader’s Faces (They are watching real photos of a developing fetus inside the uterus while senior health educator Andy Wentling presents "Life Begins," at the Robert Crown Centers for Health Education…)  and then ask yourself with a reaction like that to the basics… why are we talking about burdening and sexualizing Kindergartners with a “gay curriculum” (MSNBC has of course pulled this link)?  and teaching 5th graders about oral and anal sex? Why? Stop over-sexualizing our children and over-stepping instructional bounds!!

And if this title and subject matter surprises you… you haven’t been paying attention!

Parents Furious After School Teaches Graphic Sex Class

FOX News Radio

Pannkuk and her husband sat their daughter down and asked her explain what she was taught in the class.

“You take a man’s penis and you put it in your mouth – that’s what the girls do to the boys,” their daughter told the couple. “The boys spread the girls legs apart and put their mouths down on the vaginas.”

Pannkuk said he became enraged as his 11-year-old daughter recounted what the principal had told the classroom.

“Steam was coming out my ears,” he said. “I was very, very upset. I understand that they need to teach these kids (basic) sex education – but 11-year-olds? I have a problem with that. The wife and I were very – very upset.”

Gilliland said another child explained to their parents that it “was basically like a lollipop.”

Gilliland said he has no problem teaching sex education – but this particular class went too far.

“It’s one thing to teach about reproduction,” he said. ‘She knows about breeding her guinea pigs, horses, dogs and so on. She knows how babies are born and how they are created, but when they go teaching them these extra acts – it’s appalling.”

Mrs. Gilliland said it’s important for parents across the nation to get involved and to pay attention.

“Be more involved in your school,” she said. “See what your kids are learning. Pay attention. Talk to your kids.”

She said many of the families are now dealing with the aftermath of the class.

“She should be bouncing on the trampoline, riding horses – doing normal kid stuff,” she said of her daughter. “We don’t need to talk about that stuff at that age.

But now they do.

“The damage is done,” Pannkuk said.

Read full article and see video HERE

This type of instruction as well as the gay lifestyle in graphic terms was being promoted by the Obama Administration from day one through their so-called ‘safe-schools’ czar, Kevin Jennings.  I guess the question needs to be safe for whom?!?  And who gives these people that right?

This is not an anti-gay issue… This is an anti-‘sexualizing’ our children and pro-parental rights issue!!


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