Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barrett: Wisconsin Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Normally, I would never use this forum to reprint verbatim a press release from a politician. But in this case I’ll make an exception. –KB on Veterans Today

Barrett: Wisconsin Revolution has only just begun!

“To hell with the Republicans. And to purgatory with the Democrats! Whatever happens next Tuesday, the Wisconsin Revolution has only just begun!”

Dr. Kevin Barrett, 50th cousin of gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett*, will be announcing his candidacy for US House of Representatives (2nd District) this Thursday, May 31st, at 6:30 p.m. outside the Barrymore Theatre, 2090 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI.

Dr. Barrett will run as an independent. “I am running AGAINST the two major parties, and the corrupt system they dominate,” he explained. “Thanks to them, the USA is no longer a free country, and its middle class is being decimated. We need a revolution. I want to take the Wisconsin Revolution nationwide.”

Barrett explained: “The Wisconsin revolution isn’t just about teachers’ unions. It’s a revolution against the controlled demolition of the middle class, and the transformation of the USA into a fascist banana republic.”

What kind of revolution do we need?

“Most of the elite of this country – the big CEOs, the banksters, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, top-tier FBI, CIA and military, top executive branch officials, election-riggers, media owners, the federal judges and the majority of congress-critters – need to be jailed. We need an American version of Tahrir Square in Washington, DC. And we need to put our entire elite in jail with Mubarak and Ben Ali.”

Barrett’s campaign platform includes:

  • End the wars and jail the war criminals.
  • Bring all troops home, close all foreign bases, slash military spending 90%.
  • Repeal all post-9/11 police state legislation, jail those responsible for unconstitutional laws.
  • Seize the “bailed-out” banks and jail the banksters.
  • End the Fed, restore Constitutional currency.
  • End “free trade” (NAFTA etc.) and rebuild our industry, infrastructure, and middle class.
  • End the “drug war,” free all consensual-crimes prisoners
  • Reveal the truth about 9/11 – the shock that will make revolution possible.

Geneticists say that all humans are at least 50th cousins.

Also… ‘elites’ does not necessarily mean the rich; it is an ideology, the ideology of the globalists, anti-sovereignty and anti-American crew.  There are many progressive professors, media-types and politicians who are elites and globalists who are not necessarily rich or among the very richest.  There are also many rich people who value freedom, free market capitalism and basic American values… after all, they and their families have more to lose than anyone.

As for president we have the choice for anti-American, anti-American values, Progressive Alinskyite elitist Obama or Pro-Free Enterprise, Pro-Freedom of Religion, Pro-Business , wealthy but down to earth Romney.  Getting rid of Obama and surrounding Romney with conservatives, Constitutionalists, tea party types, and some independents like this guy is what we need to do on November 6th 2012.


Referencing CFR Above:

This is Where Michelle Obama is Listed on CFR Board of Directors In Chicago

You might think that this is not affiliated with the CFR, but in fact, the name has been changed. If you run your mouse over where it says The Chicago Council on the left side then select FAQ, question # 7 reads the following:

7.Why did the Chicago Council change its name?
On September 1, 2006, The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations was renamed The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
The world has undergone tremendous change since The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1922. Today, more than ever before, our world is shaped by forces far beyond capital cities. Chicago and the Midwest are affected by events and decisions that reach across national borders.
Our new name, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, respects our heritage while it signals our understanding of these changes and reflects our expanding efforts to contribute to the global discourse on the critical issues of the day. What has not changed is our commitment to nonpartisanship and public education.

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