Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trailer - Welcoming Schools Film: What Do You Know?

Video:  Trailer - Welcoming Schools Film: What Do You Know?

Trailer for the new Welcoming Schools ( professional development film for educators and parents. Children talk about when they first heard about gay and lesbian people; language they hear from family, teachers and friends; and how teachers can create a safe school climate. Produced by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. (Film length: 13 minutes)

NYC and California (and other school districts around the country) are beginning sexual awareness education as young as kindergarten, without parent’s opt-in permission.  And then from there they move to full blown sex-education in elementary schools including sex positions, fisting, the gay life etc.   Really?  Is that what we want our children, especially young children, seeing and learning whether it is gay, alternative or traditional sex education?

It is part of the progressive program to take parenting decisions away from parents; a move toward sexualizing our kids and society and further intrusion into our families and family values, against freedom and against religion and Christianity.

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