Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palin's Future

The reaction to Sarah Palin’s decision to resign as governor of Alaska has been one of both criticism and shock. Democratic reaction has been to attack her further and Republican reaction is just befuddlement. The media has been covering this story all weekend knocking Mark Sanford and Michael Jackson off the stage, thank God. Sanford cheated on his wife and should resign, we know. Michael Jackson is still dead, we loved his music, but it is time to move on. The coverage the past few days of Governor Palin has hardly been fair. Fox News has run specials on her, treating her like the second coming of Christ, and every other network is whacking at her like a piñata. They are reporting she is under investigation for fraud or embezzlement or some other cooked up charge. To set that record straight, no she is not under investigation. The FBI confirmed it, go look it up. It is wishful thinking on the part of some leftist extremists.

I am not sure why Sarah Palin resigned. I honestly believe that she felt constrained in Alaska, got sick of how both she and her family were portrayed in the press, and that she wants to run for president. By resigning, she is no longer constrained, should be able to get peace and quiet from those bogus ethics complaints, and if she wants to run for president she can. Resigning, though, does not look that good when seeking higher office. That is ammo for the media, Democrats, and potential Republican opponents. It is the most unconventional move for a politician in years, and will result in complete success or utter failure. Palin could spend the next few years fixing her image, making money, writing a book, giving speeches, brush up on the issues, and emerge as a good looking candidate.

I don’t know how many people that are reading this are on Twitter, but one of the people I follow is Glenn Beck. He wrote last night in three separate tweets:

1) Glenn Beck: “Many write: Palin is done. U don't understand EVERYTHING is about to change. What you thought you knew, could trust or depend on is shifting.”

2) Glenn Beck: “2012: Obama DEM. Romney GOP. Palin Common Sense/Real People Party. Dems eventually implode. GOP Has come 2 Jesus moment or Palin pivots USA.”

3) Glenn Beck: “reading Palin’s speech again. SHE is going to be a force. GOP-be afraid. Very Afraid. There will be only one standing in the end. I'll bet on her.”

I don’t know what to make of this. Could Glenn Beck have some knowledge we do not have or is it just foresight? According to him, Palin will either be the last one in the Republican Party left to run for President or will run as a third party and find a path to victory.

Whatever may be, this is interesting coming from one of the top conservatives on television. It could be that Sarah Palin is realizing the country is changing and in need of leadership. She may be trying to fill a void and could emerge successful, contrary to what many people think. We just don’t know. I can promise you all one thing. This, not matter how it unfolds, will make for some good tv and good discussions with people you know.

By Patrick McMahon - Jacksonville Independent Examiner

Posted: Daily Thought Pad

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