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Beck’s ‘Man in the Moon’ Event

Video: Glenn Beck's Man in the Moon

By Marion Algier - AskMarion

The “Man in the Moon” event is a three-day celebratory event, July 4-6 in Salt Lake City, of America’s freedom culminating with a special show — a never-before-seen storytelling spectacle utilizing live-action stunts and innovative film techniques. Leading up to the finale will be several seminars, conferences, speakers, and displays designed to enhance the experience.

Friday evening began with FreedomWorks’ for Free the People 2013 at 7:30pm MT from Usana Amphitheatre in SLC Utah, featuring Glenn Beck, Matt Kibbe, Senator Mike Lee, Deneen Borelli and more.  One of the highlights of the evening was the speech given by Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Raphael Cruz

Raphael Cruz, the father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, invigorated the crowd during tonight’s FreedomWorks Free the People event.

Describing his own personal journey escaping Cuba and working hard to build a life for himself in the U.S., the elder Cruz noted comparisons that he believes exist between Fidel Castro’s governance and President Barack Obama’s executive actions.

Upon rising to power, he said that Castro, like Obama, spoke about hope and change. While the message sounded good at the time, it didn’t take long for socialism to take root in his home country. And he paid the price.

Ted Cruzs Father Rafael Cruz Delivers Epic Speech Touting Patriotism, Lambasting Obamas Socialist Inclinations

Glenn Beck and Rafael Cruz (Photo Credit: TheBlaze)

We followed someone who preached ‘hope and change’.  That person was Fidel Castro the elder Cruz told the crowd.

For his part in the revolution — one that many originally assumed would yield a more vibrant country — Cruz was punished while in Cuba.

“I was in prison,” he said. “I was tortured, but by the grace of God I was able to leave Cuba on a student VISA and came to the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

Cruz described his efforts working as a dishwasher in America and paying his own way through the University of Texas. From there, he built a life for himself — one that was filled with experiences that caused him to greatly appreciate the country that had given him so much.

His plight in Cuba colored his American experience

“You can’t understand a loss of rights unless you’ve experienced it,” Cruz told TheBlaze following the speech.

His unique perspective leaves Cruz with the ability, he argues, to see the troubling signs surrounding socialism. Young people in America today, he told TheBlaze, take for granted the rights and privileges that the U.S. has afforded them.

“Socialist politics are very easily recognized because of my experience in Cuba,” he said during the speech, noting that he worked hard to help get Ronald Reagan elected after recognizing that the U.S. government in the 1970s was already taking troubling steps in the direction of socialism.

Cruz’s passion and love for America was apparent throughout the address. He called the nation “the bastion of freedom in the world” and told the audience of the importance of fighting for freedom.

Outside of the Bible, he praised the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as “the greatest two documents that have ever been penned.”

“We have a responsibility to carry forth these ideals of freedom to our children and grandchildren,” he told the audience. “This country is exceptional and unique in the world.”

After the speech, TheBlaze also asked if he believes his son will run for president.

“I can’t answer that. It is up to God,” he responded.  See his full speech HERE

Watch events LIVE throughout the weekend at the BlazeTV and and you join the conversation on Twitter using #FTP2013.

12 Liberty University students will share the historical significance of important artifacts in the Independence Through History museum.  Beck said he specifically asked for Liberty students because he greatly respects the university’s courage, educational integrity, and commitment to traditional American values. Liberty selected the following Helms School of Government students to participate: Whitney Rutherford, Jacob Mast, Leah Zawasky, Mark Osborne, Liz Chadwick, Claire Francisco, Christian Hamilton, Micah White, Katelyn Evans, Myung Jin Son, Brian Mauldin, and Montgomery Pace.

Beck has become a strong supporter of Liberty over the years. He was the keynote speaker at Liberty’s 2010 Commencement and is a friend of Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., who has appeared on Beck’s television show to discuss topics such as social justice and the role of religion in today’s society. Falwell was recently featured on Beck’s radio program after Falwell supported Cole Withrow, a high school senior who became the center of a gun control controversy.

While many institutions have fallen prey to political correctness, Liberty is committed to academic freedom and the fundamentals of faith. The university appreciates, respects, and promotes the founding principles of the U.S., including free enterprise and limited government.

The artifacts include the desk on which President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, a lock of George Washington’s hair, and Edmund Burke’s prayer Bible. The tours were sold out in advance and a number of high-profile figures — including state senators, governors, and prominent historians — are among the expected guests.

“As a country we have always had to make decisions, not between democrat and republican but literally between good and evil,” said Joe Kerry, Glenn Beck Program chief of staff and president of Mercury One, the nonprofit presenting the event. “We are going to walk the (guests) through these choices that we have made as a country … we are blessed when we make those decisions that bring us closer to God, and when we don’t, we suffer the consequences.”

Glenn Beck urged an invigorated crowd Friday night to “draw a line in the sand” and decide right now what it is they are willing, and are not willing, to accept.

“If you don’t draw a line in the sand, you will just keep drifting,” he declared.  “You have to know what you’re willing to do and not willing to do right now.”

Speaking at FreedomWorks’ 2013 “Free the People” event in Salt Lake City — the day before his “Man in the Moon” event at the same amphitheater — Beck praised the commitment of the audience to the issues of civil rights and the United States Constitution.

“While people say that all we care about is an election, we’re four years away from a presidential election, two years from a congressional election, and look: there isn’t anyone on the left or the right that can put a crowd like this together at this time, [because] all we really care about is basic human rights and the Constitution of the United States of America,” he said.

So what does it mean to draw a line in the sand?  Where does that fall?

Beck said “it’s easy” because “it’s about civil rights.”

“Most of America is saying the same thing, but using a different language,” he said. “Some say civil rights, some say Bill of Rights.”

“We’re saying the same thing, we’re just saying it differently, and that’s why we have to understand that we are on the verge of a new civil rights movement — but it has been going on since Moses.”

But while he is optimistic, Beck said he has grave concerns with our “common posture,” particularly with regard to technology.

His conversations with Ray Kurzweil, the chief of artificial intelligence for Google and a chief consultant for Microsoft, among others, have alerted him to plans to have your phone be able to “answer your question before you’ve asked it, or maybe even thought it.”

“How?” Beck said. “It will be listening and reading everything you say, write, and read,” whether you are using your phone at the time or not.

“It’s already happening,” Beck said, noting that advertising already reflects your internet activity.  “[But] convenience is about to go dark on us if we don’t draw a line in the sand…because it’s going to be a very quick and slippery slope into it.”

The NSA already knows “exactly who you are, and they have the ability now to know everything about you and store it,” Beck said.

“The line in the sand is here. It is only going to get worse from here,” he said.  “Ray told me we’re 10 years away from what’s called the singularity, or the merging of man and machine. This is Terminator, Matrix stuff…”

At that, the jumbo screens transformed into what appeared to be the lens of a phone, watching unaware Americans of all ages. But soon, the people themselves began to change, resembling that technology that was spying on them.

“What do you think Google glasses are?” Beck demanded.  “Google glasses are to give people power.  I [can] look at you, scan your face — they’ll tell me exactly who you are, what websites you read, exactly who you are…They put you at a disadvantage.”

“That world is being created, it is coming,” he said. “So where is the line? It is very simple: the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Beck said there are two sides to enacting change: political — which is why he said he is proud to stand with Freedom Works, an organization he said isn’t in the corner of the Republicans or Democrats, but the Constitution — and a mixture of constitutional and spiritual.

“We’ll be launching that part of the movement soon, and we are going to stand and draw a clear line in the sand,” Beck said.  Part of the plan to reclaim the culture, saying it is his hope that they can “create a culture that celebrates America, [and is] not ashamed of fearing God.”

Beck noted that he has been maintaining for years that his audience will be pivotal in the history of America.

“People came here from Italy to be here tonight, looking for a movement they can model,” he said. “People from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Canada, because they need a model.  You are the model the world is crying out for! Stand up and take the reins!

After an exciting preview of Man in the Moon part two — which he is already planning, involves a 2000-voice choir and full symphony orchestra, and will begin with the voyage to America — Beck concluded: “People came here for a reason, to follow their conscience, to be free!”

“Find out why you have made the spiritual journey to America,” he urged.  “Make the journey again.  Stand, protect, defend.  Love one another with honor and courage…because there is no other freedom if we lose it here. Trust in God and divine providence, and all is well.”

After the event, FreedomWorks grabbed a few minutes with Beck backstage. You can see Beck’s reaction to the speech — and his optimism — in the behind-the-scenes video below: 

Video:  Post Free The People - Glenn Beck

Below is One of the Most Incredible Things on Display at Beck’s Man in the Moon Event — And You May Not Even Be Able to Tell What It Is:

Shocking Item at Beck Event in Utah

Take a second and look at the following picture. Stare. Hard. Can you tell what it is?

If you guessed it’s a car, you’re correct. That’s right: the mangled and twisted pile of metal is actually a BMW — or rather, what’s left over of a BMW. How did it get that way? It’s just one of the sober reminders of the EF5 tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20th.

The wreckage is on display inside the vendor fair at Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event in Salt Lake City, Utah. Beck’s charity, Mercury One, procured it after being one of the first disaster relief organizations on-site to help the victims of the storm.

But how, exactly, did the charity come about getting the incredible piece of history?

“We’ve had a really good relationship with Sheriff Joe Lester of Cleveland County, Oklahoma, and we gave him a call and were like, ‘Look, Joe, we have this really cool idea: Can we get a mangled car in Salt Lake?’” Mercury One intern and BYU student Joel Temple, who helped lead the procurement effort, told TheBlaze. “And he said, ‘I’m turning around right now! I’m going to the nearest salvage yard and I’m going to find you guys a car.’ And he pulled out all the stops for us.”

But the sheriff’s help didn’t end there.

“You see the red dolly it’s on?” Temple asked. “He made that for us.”

That’s quite a feat when you consider just how poor of shape the vehicle is in. Another Mercury intern, Christopher Alexander, said that after the storm rescuers would go through and mark each vehicle with an orange “X” or the word “clear.” But because the car was so badly damaged, there was no flat surface to even do that.

And a close-up look reveals exactly what he’s talking about. The only recognizable feature showing it’s a BMW is a dilapidated logo on the steering wheel. The car’s roof has buckled and collapsed onto the seats. And frighteningly, there are even remnants of a child’s car seat in the back.

While Temple says it’s unknown if anyone was actually in the vehicle when the storm hit, the signs appear to show no one was (i.e. there are no marks where the “jaws of life” were used or no pry marks where someone had to be pulled out). But if there was, he says, “there’s no way they made it out.”

You can see the car in detail in the pictures we’ve gathered below:

Mangled BMW

Jonathon M. Seidl/TheBlazeSheriff Joe Lester of Cleveland County, Okla., was pivotal in getting the car to Salt Lake City.

If you’re wondering exactly what attendees of Glenn Beck’s big Man in the Moon event in Salt Lake City will experience, get in line. Many of the details of the show were kept a secret. Want to Go Behind-the-Scenes with Glenn Beck at the Big Salt Lake City Event? These Two Videos Take You There


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