Sunday, May 26, 2013

Answering the Call: A Young Australian on America’s Greatness

PolitiChicks: Created by PolitiDude Nick Adams who lives in Australia but loves America like nobody’s business.  Since he was a little boy he has loved America and dreamed about someday living here.  Nick speaks worldwide about America’s exceptionalism.  Here is the inspirational video that is Nick Adams’ gift of love and encouragement to America and her citizens.

Today on Memorial Day seems like a great day to check it out or watch it again:

Thanks PolitiChicks and  Nick!!

Let us all start today and follow Nick’s lead to share the greatness of America and our history with the young people of America and the World (and with those who seem to have forgotten) who are inundated with what is wrong with this country and are no longer taught history… or only taught revisionary history.

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend Entertainment – 2013

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