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Lovefest on Syrupy Minutes to Manipulate You

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

CBS Kroft 60 Minute BHO and Hillary Interview

Conservatives and Liberals alike called joint Obama-Hillary interview SOFT… soapy… syrupy (See: Syrupy Minutes - Formatted PDF Version of Full Report).  Hillary has now OFFICIALLY stood in support of TWO Presidents who lied to her and her country… What a legacy !!  Feeling used? abused? manipulated?  If not, you are either a Kool-Aid drinker or not paying attention.  And looking forward, Progressive Alinskyites and Soros-followers Obama and Hillary used this forum to begin the next phase of moving America toward globalism and controlling the election of 2016.  (Hillary Clinton super PAC launched.)

Hmmm… brings back memories of Hillary and Obama disappearing during 2008 campaign to attend Bilderberger meeting.


CBS' Kroft Introduces Hillary 2016 with Obama/Clinton Lovefest

In a 2016 presidential announcement masquerading as a lovefest masquerading as an interview, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared together on 60 Minutes with CBS’ Steve Kroft to discuss how much they adore each other. Kroft, who is the water carrier for both the Clintons and the Obamas – he conducted the famed “Tammy Wynette” interview with the Clintons after the Gennifer Flowers revelations in 1992, and helped bury Obama’s failure to label Benghazi a terrorist attack last year – facilitated the softball rollout of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Joe Biden, eat your heart out…

The interview opened with Kroft sycophantically hyperventilating about what an honor it was to do the interview: “This is very improbable. This is not an interview I ever expected to be doing. But I understand, Mr. President, this was your idea. why did you want to do this together, a joint interview?”

The love in the room was palpable. This wasn’t 60 Minutes. It was Sixty Shades of Gray.

After Obama said that Hillary was “one of the finest secretary of states we’ve had” [sic], Kroft then asked if there were any political tea leaves to be read. Hillary avoided the question, as did Obama, both of them flirting with the possibility of a Hillary 2016 run.

The interview went on in this tiresome fashion for some thirty minutes. While Obama and Hillary made googly eyes at each other, Kroft got in hard hitting questions like:

  • To Obama: Why were you so insistent about wanting her to be Secretary of State?
  • To Hillary: You’ve been quoted as thinking or telling people that there was no way you were going to take this job and you weren’t going to let anybody talk you into it. (Laughter) What did he say that night that made you [reconsider]?
  • To Obama: Has she had much influence in this administration?
  • To both: How would you characterize your relationship right now?

Thanks, Dr. Phil.

The Obama administration is open about the fact that Kroft is their go-to-guy when it comes to their propaganda effort. Even Politico has pointed out that Kroft and 60 Minutes have "fallen prey to accusations of favoritism …. most of Obama’s interviews with Kroft and ‘60 Minutes’ have generated little fanfare. Instead, the platform allows Obama to carry his message about the issues of the day to the American people, and drive the following days news coverage.”

Daily Beast and New York Post columnist Kirstin Powers, a committed liberal, weighed in on the Obama-Hillary Clinton love-fest on “60 Minutes” this morning on America’s Newsroom:

It really was something you’d expect from the state-run media. It was that kind of level of propaganda… This was a joke. You look at it and just not challenging basic things…” (Video)

This administration is not used to media criticism. That’s why it rips Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and suggests that the “incentive structure” must be changed to prevent those outlets from presenting the other side politically. Were Obama king, there is little doubt he’d make all of his knights just like Steve Kroft. And Kroft did his job to keep the low-informed masses on the right path by feeding Obama and Hillary the softball syrupy questions, just like Congress did earlier in the week during the Benghazigate hearings, when Hillary Tap Danced and Feigned a Snap… Making Her Look as Guilty as Most Everyone in the Know Believes but even with the kid glove handling Hillary Let the Jihadist Cat Out of Bag.   Only a few Senators and Congressmen stepped up to do their job.

Video: 60 Minutes President Barack Obama  and Sec of State Hillary Clinton

Brit Hume: Case For Hillary Clinton "Being A Great Secretary Of State Is Exceedingly Weak"

CHRIS WALLACE: Yeah, I want to pick up on that, Brit, because during the hearing, what struck me was the Republicans were tough on Hillary (Really??), on Benghazi and the Democrats weren't. But, both sides kept on saying what a great secretary of state she had been and to praise her service. And here's some of the points that have been brought up, some of her accomplishments. She helped assemble the bombing campaign in Libya to topple Muammar Qaddafi. She helped assembly the coalition that imposed the toughest sanctions ever on Iran. And, she established diplomatic ties with Burma.

Question, Brit, how do you rate Hillary Clinton's performance, record as our top diplomat?

BRIT HUME: I think those examples you cited would add up to a case for her competence. They do not add up to a case for greatness, after all, the groundwork on Burma had been done by the previous administration. And the administration properly followed through on it. You look across the world, now at the major issues. Are Arabs and Israelis closer to peace? How about Iran and North Korea and their nuclear programs? Have they been halted or seriously set back? Has the reset with Russia, which she so famously introduced with the photo-op in Moscow with the reset button, has they lead to a new and more cooperative relationship? Is there a Clinton doctrine that we can identify that she has articulated and formed as secretary of state? Are there major treaties that she has undertaken and negotiated through to a successful conclusion? I think the answer to all those questions is that she has not. And those are the kinds of things that might mark her as a great secretary of state.
She has certainly been industrious. She has visited 112 countries. Her conduct as secretary of state has been highly dignified. She does her homework. There have been no gaffes or blunders. So I think she has been a capable and hard working secretary of state, but I think the case for her being a great secretary of state is exceedingly weak.

2016 Could Provide the Election of the First Female President of the United States? but Hillary Doesn’t Deserve Our Admiration or Another Shot at the Presidency…. As Senator Lindsay Graham told Greta Van Susteren: “Hillary got away with murder”.


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Vomit Statement of the Week:  Hillary supporters petition Nobel Peace Prize Committee for Humanitarian Nobel Prize for Bill and Hillary.

Wake up America… we, as a nation, are being manipulated because we don’t pay attention nor spend the time needed to be informed!!

Book: The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party

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