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An Irishman’s American Dream

Waiting in Line

 Young Patriots: Posted on January 29, 2013 – h/t to MJ

I’m a citizen of Ireland and have been attempting to get a green card for over 9 years.

Once again, America faces the popular discussion of immigration – trying to find the best way forward for America and its 11 million illegals.

One of the greatest conservatives of modern time, Mark Levin, had two great guests on tonight’s show – Jeff Sessions arguing against the current ideas, and Marco Rubio, who is part of the group of eight who are trying to come up with legislation to deal with this problem.

Because this is an issue that affects me greatly, I had to call in and I was very lucky to be able to discuss a few points with the Great One – Mr. Levin, himself. I personally have a massive problem with granting an illegal worker a permanent visa because America has laws and those laws need to be respected. The biggest issue, to me, is the fact that 11 million people will skip the line in front of people like me who have waited 9 years to get a visa… and still waiting. To put that number in perspective, the American government awards 50,000 DV visas every year. I could wait a lifetime and still never get to achieve my dream, but someone who has broken the law gets to live the dream every day.

While Rubio insists that we will all be on the same level, the law of possession will come into play. Does anyone really believe that the US government is going to deport someone illegal just so I can come into the country? That will never work.

The other issue I addressed on Levin’s show was the message conservatives need to communicate going forward. Republicans like John McCain keep saying Republicans need this reform to win another election. THEY ARE WRONG. Three little words will lead to a win: THE AMERICAN DREAM!

When was the last time you heard this mentioned? The country where if you worked hard, you could become anything you wanted and could achieve anything. No one could stop you or get in the way.

The answer to tyranny is not less tyranny – its Liberty and Freedom.

Reagan summed up my feelings about America perfectly in his “Time for Choosing” speech in 1964, where he told the story of a Cuban talking to two Americans, telling them everything he ran away from. The two Americans looked at each other and realized how lucky they were. But the Cuban insisted he was the lucky one because he had somewhere to run to…..

For me, while I don’t face the same oppression or anything like it, I still long for the American Dream and I hope and pray every day that I will get the chance to achieve it.

*Hear Jonathon on The Mark Levin Show -  (Start at 56 minute mark)


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I am a first generation immigrant. Came here before my second birthday with my parents and am an American in every way… but birth.

My parents and I came to America after WWII after waiting in line for the okay to come for more than 7-years. They came here on their own dime, with sponsors (close relatives who had been here for over 20-years)… which used to be required so immigrants would not end up on the government dole if they needed help and within a week of arriving first in New York and then at our end destination, Glendale CA, my father had a job (and soon thereafter 3) plus my parents had enrolled themselves in English classes at the local high school, night school. And from their night school connections came lifelong friends from all over the world whose common goal was to become respectable law-abiding American citizens.

Although I and later my sister and brother who were born here in the United States, were taught traditions from our homeland and told stories about our roots, the immediate goal and ultimate focus was that everyone learned and spoke English as well as American history and civics and that we as a family, an immigrant community, adopted American traditions and slowly learned to blend in.

Nobody, in our family or our extended immigrant circle of friends, expected a free ride or even help. Nobody expected America or Americans to change for us or adopt our ways, to print things in our language(s) let alone provide interpreters or bi-lingual teachers for our children, to TV shows in our native language(s) or to have laws changed or skewed for us or relatives still waiting to come to join us in America.

We, immigrants until very recently, were grateful for the opportunity to be in this country legally. Everyone expected to work hard, to learn English and to become Americans in every way. And they expected to follow the laws and rules or be deported.

The idea(s) that America would allow people who came here illegally to remain or even receive Amnesty; or that the law could be changed so someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger (once discussed) could run for president; or that someone like Barack Hussein Obama could become president without a thorough vetting process with all the questions and missing documents; or that people from around the world who followed the rules could fall to the back of the line behind cheaters to gain green cards; or that the Average American would be so low, un or mis-informed (or dumbed down) that they didn’t understand what was happening to the greatest country in the world, their country, as the rest of the world was laughing at them; or that Americans would question the wisdom of the U.S. Constitution and their Founders who wrote it was totally unfathomable to the immigrants of yesteryear.

And for the legal immigrants who are here now from every corner of the world, the prospects of what is coming from amnesty for millions, to gun confiscation, to healthcare rationing, to the breakdown of the basic pillars of society and even perhaps an attempt to re-write our already much damaged Constitution and Bill of Rights is frightening because they have already lived in counties under rules and rulers that most Americans are too oblivious to even think about, let alone understand. MGA

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